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Understanding Cloud-based Phone Systems

Understanding Cloud-based Phone Systems

If your small business is considering a communications upgrade, it’s likely you’ve heard about cloud-based phone systems. You may have heard that they offer cost savings, but it’s helpful to get some basic information so that you can compare solutions and leverage the best communications technology for your company.

What are cloud-based calls?

Cloud-based calls make calls over the internet, rather than over a copper wire. They offer myriad benefits to any size company, and the core benefits include security, mobility, and scalability.

Hard and Soft Phones

Cloud-based phone systems use both hard phones and soft phones. A hard phone is the typical office phone you picture on a desk, with a connected handset and a series of buttons for accessing features. A hard phone allows you to place direct calls, participate in conference calls and access voicemail. Communications are through options like handsets, headsets, Bluetooth or speaker phone.

A soft phone is a virtual phone installed on a tablet or smartphone, or even a laptop. The soft phone can access all of the features of a hard phone, but also allow the user to participate in video conferencing, utilize shared workspaces, send text messages and use other tools.

Fewer Wires

Cloud-based phone systems take advantage of the most advanced technology to create a simplified experience for the end user. While legacy phone systems were wired to a phone branch exchange (PBX) that routed calls to their appropriate destination, cloud-based ones utilize the existing internet connection and networking or WiFi to connect calls.

Key benefits to the small business:

If you’re debating about whether cloud-based phone systems offer a measurable advantage over your legacy system, consider these benefits:

  • They use your existing internet connection, unlike legacy phone systems that must run copper wiring.
  • They provide features including advanced voicemail, speed dialing, chat, and much more
  • Cloud-based phones require less spend up front to install
  • You'll get scalability as your business grows by only having to pay for the connections you need

When it’s time to choose your communications solution for your small business, contact us at Precision Interconnect by calling 212-784-2002 or email us at hbitman@precisioninter.com. From helping you evaluate your communications needs to leveraging the best solution from the variety of cloud-based phone systems available, Precision Interconnect is your partner.

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