Cloud Phone System: Why You Need to Make the Switch Today

Cloud Phone System: Why You Need to Make the Switch Today

The mediums used to communicate today far exceed anything in the history of communication. This means that in the business world, catering to all preferences is a requirement, and this includes bringing in a cloud phone system.

It’s not a stretch to say most organizations struggle to keep up with technological evolution but doing so can make you more competitive. As upgrades are made in organizations, important questions need to be asked such as, how important is mobility in communication? Does the office rely on softphones or traditional desk phones? Increasingly, organizations are also asking themselves whether they want their phone systems to be hosted or on-premise?

Cloud or Traditional Phones?

In a traditional on-premise situation, public switched telephone network (PSTN) or Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) lines are used to network phone extensions throughout a facility. While these are called “traditional” systems, they include advanced technology, such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). There is a whopping upfront cost for these systems, which can be a barrier to many cash-strapped organizations.

When using a hosted system, the PSTN and ISDN are dropped in favor of an Internet connection, which connects all the extensions into the network. Softphones are incorporated as endpoints, and you only pay a monthly fee instead of having to buy all the hardware and pay for installation.

Why the Cloud Phone System Is Winning

Flexibility and cost savings are two of the most common perks cloud phone system users give for adopting this method. For example, when you adopt a cloud system, you pay no installation fees or anything related to Private Branch Exchange (PBX) maintenance. You get massive flexibility, which means you can add extensions and make changes in a moment’s notice.

There is no capital expense and you can enjoy some of the best voice quality available. You can also work remotely with a cloud-based system and chat for free in-office.

Of course, those applauding a traditional system will point to the fact that they pay no monthly rental fees, as they own the system. Over a number of years, this means the system essentially pays for itself, but remember, it’s not giving you that flexibility that you would enjoy with a cloud-based system.

Ease of Installation

A hosted PBX requires no expensive and complex equipment in your workplace. Furthermore, there is no ongoing maintenance (on your part) required. With the right cloud phone system partner, you get all the latest innovations and updates when they become available. 

The installation and implementation process makes creating a customized communication system work in the way that best suits your company’s approach to communication. For example, if your workers need VoIP and other advanced technology available to them, they can get it in the office or remotely — it’s a huge advantage.

Keep up With Growth

The flexibility to be scalable is a key perk cloud phone system users realize when they connect with the right system. For example, an organization might begin services with just the basics, but as the need for more extensions and new technology comes to light, the changes can be made in mere moments. With a traditional phone system, new lines need to be run to new desk phones, which all comes with capital costs and the cost of installation.

Never Go Obsolete

An on-premise system has a shelf life. The things you buy today will soon be outdated, which means you not only have to keep a finger on the pulse of technological changes that seem to occur daily, but you also have to replace your costly hardware with newer, more expensive hardware.

With a hosted system, you never have to worry about what’s coming up next because your hosted service will do that for you and make the changes when they are necessary – mostly likely with no downtime on your end. You’ll never have to worry about your equipment going obsolete.

Transparent Pricing

With a hosted system, you’re paying for what you need — nothing more. Rather than getting nickel and dimed like you do with an on-premise system, all the features you need integrate seamlessly and without a confusing cost structure. 

Making the transition to a cloud phone system is not without its complexities, which is why it’s smart to bring in a third party to assist in the process. Or, if the transition has been made and you’re not happy with what you got, try connecting with Precision Interconnect. We’re a company that can assist organizations with making the switch from legacy phone systems to the cloud, or provide a better cloud-based system than what you currently have. 

We know all about the various pain points small and medium-size businesses deal with on a daily basis, so contact us at or (212) 784-2002 and let’s talk about our solutions.

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