Why Migrating to Cloud Communications Makes Sense for Small Businesses

Why Migrating to Cloud Communications Makes Sense for Small Businesses

You’ve heard the buzz around cloud communications and about all the features it introduces to the work environment. Videoconferencing and collaboration tools might sound like they’re cut out for bigger enterprises, but there are some key reasons why migrating to cloud communications makes sense for small businesses and might even make a bigger impact.

Leveling the Playing Field: When it comes to traditional, on-site systems, the big enterprises write the biggest check, so they get the best solutions. Not so when it comes to migrating to cloud communications. Cloud solutions act as the great equalizer in your industry, giving you the ability to match, or even outpace, your competitors’ customer experience.

Scaling as You Grow: Many small businesses face the problem of either spending too much to get a communications solution with features they’ll never use, or choosing one that’s too bare-bones and won’t be a good fit for the future. Migrating to cloud communications gives you the benefit of scalability. You’ll pay for exactly the number of users you need with the flexibility to adjust as you grow or accommodate seasonality.

Integration: Even as you’re contemplating cloud solutions for communications, you may already be using a cloud customer relationship management (CRM) solution or notice that it’s cost-effective to subscribe to one. As you consider cloud communications, it’s a good idea to include in your discussion the benefits you’ll realize through integration with other solutions. You may see significant gains in productivity and collaboration.

Cost Savings: When you migrate to cloud communications, you not only eliminate the cost of maintaining and updating an on-site system. You also pay a monthly invoice that includes support and updates. There won’t be an initial hardware investment, and monthly charges can be categorized as operating expenses.

There are also soft cost savings, such as the ability to free up your IT professionals to focus on other projects, as well as improve productivity and streamline business processes.

Business Continuity Planning: Cloud communications offer built-in protection against a natural disaster. You may experience no interruption in service because calls can be automatically rerouted to a mobile phone if your physical location is affected by the event. Your customers may never know you were affected, and business can continue as usual.

Migrating to cloud communications can seem like a big step, but, in reality, it’s easier for small businesses to make the move, and they generally experience the benefits more quickly and in greater measure than bigger enterprises. It is also likely that businesses that don’t invest in cloud solutions will struggle to keep pace with competitors that do, so you’re future-proofing your business with an investment in cloud communications.

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