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7 Benefits of a Cloud-based Phone System

7 Benefits of a Cloud-based Phone System

If you’ve been contemplating an upgrade to your communications technology, you’ve likely considered implementing a cloud-based phone system. This type of phone system is run over an internet line on your existing network, rather than through a landline. Take a look at some of the key benefits that a cloud communications solution offers enterprises:

Features: A cloud-based phone system offers a variety of features that are easily customizable to your particular business needs. From call forwarding and digital receptionist to videoconferencing, you determine which features accomplish your goals for customer service and productivity.

Integration: Look for a solution that offers integration with third-party cloud tools. Your phone system can be integrated with your customer relationship management tools, email, or instant messaging to achieve a more streamlined approach to business processes. Better integration allows for increased collaboration and faster business decisions.

Scalability: If your business has an element of seasonality, or if you’re experiencing a surge in demand, your cloud-based phone system can easily adapt to the pace of your business. Additional users can be added in minutes, and when the rush is over, they can just as easily be reduced.

Mobility: One of the main attractions of a cloud-based phone system is the ability to access it from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a valid login. Your team of remote or mobile workers is likely growing, and cloud communications ensure they have a consistent work experience — regardless of geography.

Business Continuity: With any solution that resides in the cloud, you enjoy protection from the threat of bad weather or a physical break-in. Even in the case of a cyber security breach, a cloud-based phone system will have automatic failover, encryption, and other tools to support business continuity.

Efficiency: When you implement cloud communications, your IT team no longer needs to conduct maintenance on a phone system or install updates. Your cloud provider will handle all hardware upgrades and troubleshooting.

Cost: Unlike a traditional, on-site telephone system, there’s no big initial investment with a cloud-based phone system. You also will enjoy consistent monthly invoicing with no surprises for new hardware or other unexpected costs. Your monthly cost will also be lower when compared with the cost of a phone system run over landlines.

While there are clear cost savings that can be measured for decision-making purposes, it’s also important to consider the secondary cost savings — such as improved collaboration and quicker decision-making — that are possible with a cloud-based phone system.

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